Choose your battles to avoid burnout

I’ve been in two self-diagnosed burnouts throughout my career. If you know me you may think: “no wonder!”. I also had a couple of early indications of it happening again,[…]

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12 Front End Developers to Follow on Twitter

My first paid venture as a Software Developer was a website shop, I had no name for it, but would sell online websites built with HTML (version 3.2 and soon[…]

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Learn the best approach to install npm dependencies in your project

I’ve been using npm for around 10 years now and got to learn a lot about it’s behaviors and features and still get a little surprised how often I meet[…]

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Effective Tech Leadership

I have a long history in different fields of technology. I started programming as a hobby in 1999, experimenting with JavaScript, my pet-programming-language, though I have worked in projects using Delphi, PHP, C#, Swift, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, ABAP and Java. I had the experience of working in different roles  as a software developer, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Design Thinking Coach and Team Lead.

Working in leadership positions since 2006, I’ve been supporting teams by desigining, implementing, coaching and mentoring on strategies incrementally adopt Agile, Design Thinking, and techniques to help on a more effective Software Development Lifecycle. Having consistent gains in productivity, quality, performance and security through out my career.

I like to create content and engage into giving back activities as a form of thanking the tech community, which I’ve been part my whole professional life.